RUNGS Bracelets

Bolster bra


"When you’re traveling off to far away places on your own, it can sometimes feel lonely. You miss your family and loved ones. I was fortunate to not only find some amazing handicrafts for Soul Change but I also met someone who would make me feel like I had a family abroad. I met Rung while I was at an outdoor shopping market in the north of Thailand, Chiangmai. I was immediately attracted to the beautiful shimmering pieces she had for sale. She had kind eyes and a big smile. She didn’t push sales, she just shared her passion for the pieces she had been designing for almost a decade...I was spending 6 months in Chiangmai and one day she invited me to come see her studio. ⁠
Thai people tend to be very tight as a family unit and this house was full of love and kindness. I met the grandma, cousins, sisters, brothers, and the family dog. Her studio was full of light and there were some girls making the bracelets that day. She employs the people in her village, many of them close relatives, which has allowed them to stay close to home and have a lot of flexibility in their lives. I was and am so touched at the kindness she extended to me. I’m not her biggest client by any means but you can tell she loves what she does and takes care of the people that come into her life. When you’re looking to sell something, it’s important to be socially conscious about how it’s created. I love Rung’s products but I also love the natural, organic premise of the big family that is behind the creations."⁠

- Loraine, friend of Rung

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