Do you feel a deep connection with animals? If you'd unsure what to expect from an equine reiki experience, read Nicole Aracki's description of one of her most profound experiences below.

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NExt Animal Communication & Equine Reiki Dates TBC




"A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand."

– Pat Parelli

"There was a horse that had really been struggling with the other horses, he's going blind, so he can't really see. I noticed him in the field at first, he was twitching at every little sound, every little bird, every car that went by. You could tell that he was uneasy, and so I started to have an intention to send him reiki, just put out my energy. 10 minutes later he is laying on the ground, relaxing. ⁠

The second time I go to visit, a different horse takes a liking to me. He follows me around everywhere I go, and eventually I led him up to the holding pen. I noticed that the troubled horse was also in the pen, he went to go take a drink of water and all of the horses have their ears pinned back at his presence. They are not happy he is there, one even tries to bite him - he is not liked. ⁠

I felt so much compassion for him, so I decided to send Reiki to him. Most horses don't like the sensation of having the direct energy sent to them, but I thought it was needed. I start drawing my Reiki symbols. The moment I start drawing my symbols, the other horse went directly behind me, put his nose on the back of my heart and started to breathe. Immediately after, the agitated horse began to yawn - it was astounding. Going from being so upset to being that relaxed... it was profound"⁠

- Nicole Aracki, Reiki Master⁠