Clear Quartz Point Pendant with Silver Chain


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Clear Quartz Point Pendant with Silver Chain

Grade A Clear Quartz crystal point with a German silver cap, and a high quality silver chain.

Clear Quartz is a powerful magnifier and amplifier of energy. Excellent for working with magic, and a powerful shamanic tool. Native Americans call Quartz the “brain cells of Grandmother Earth”. Clear Quartz contains every colour, and takes energy to the most perfect state possible.Quartz has the ability to store information, and has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds.

Silver protects the wearer from negativity, and amplifies the healing power of the crystal it is used with. Silver also increases your powers of perception.

Clear Quartz and Silver combined is a powerful enhancement to any personal, shamanic or teaching work.

This beautiful piece is handmade in Kamloops, BC by Hanna from GaiaLuna Creations .



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