The Chiang Mai Yoga Wrap Bracelets

These bracelets have been wound by hand lovingly by village people in Northern Thailand ethically. The women gather around and laugh as they handicraft these stunning works of art.

Many of the pieces incorporate stones that enhance healing or help with meditation so they can be used as an amulet to promote your yoga practice. Many are just a beautiful piece you can show off for any occasion.

There are a few different size options with the bracelets which gives you a world of opportunity when it comes to how you want to adorn yourself with them.

The singlet is a bracelet or an anklet.

The dual wrap will go around your arms twice, giving the illusion that you’re wearing two bracelets. You can also wear it as an anklet or a choker.

The triple wrap will go around your arms three times and because of the design, it will look like three totally separate bracelets. It can also be used as a bohemian style headband.

The quad wrap goes around your arm four times and appears to be 4 different bracelets due to the change of beading. It can be used as a headband or belt.

The full wrap bracelet can be wrapped around your arm five times at least. The bead design changes often so if you turn it on your arm even the slightest bit, you’ll have a whole new look. It can also be transformed into a beautiful bohemian belt.