Yoga Teacher & Equine Coach

Vivian Evans

I already had a solid practice in yoga before I decided to enrol in a challenge, which was in savasana, and this idea came to me - this spark of an idea - it terrified me... I wanted to become a yoga teacher. It was crazy. I remember calling my sister and was like "omg, I think I'm going to become a yoga teacher".  I had been practising off and on for around 3-4 years before, and then when I had that idea I devoted myself to go into a deep dive yoga practice; discovering all other elements and aspects before I did my actual yoga teacher training. It was a big investment in itself. Because that's the thing - it's one thing to have the idea, but to know that you can commit & enjoy doing something every day, I needed to be sure. It opened up other doors for me aswell, I don't just do yoga, I do coaching with horses & equine reiki also.

I've been able to discover my path, and I've been involved with horses for 30 years, so Yoga brought me back to that - my original medicine & where I needed to go. It's kind of funny that that is how my path began to reveal itself; yoga gave me the confidence to pursue coaching horses and the equine therapy that I had had a calling all my life to do. The pieces just all fit together. 

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