Restorative Yoga Teacher

Taylor Farrer

I started practising yoga as a suggestion from my councillor actually, she had suggested Yoga With Adriene on youtube. She knew that I was going through some depression & anxiety so she said I should try it. There was no commitment, it was free and everything... so I went and bought my first yoga mat that day in Canadian Tire and just started practising from there. I ended up doing the one month challenge at the beginning of last year (2018) and I just got so into it. I was like "where can I go from here?!".

So then I started volunteering at a yoga studio and came across Nicole's poster for Yoga Teacher Training, I'd been thinking about it previously and so just decided to take a leap of faith and haven't looked back since. 

 I think more than anything I'd like to reach out to people who are like me and who have anxiety & depression. I want to show them particularly restorative, which is my favorite type of yoga to offer and can be practiced at home with minimal props.

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