About Soul Change


A Soul Change is a deep and thorough transformation of oneself. It is a change that takes place on a soul level – It is a LASTING transformation. A Soul Change is one that provides you with enough growth and reflection to help you have a Breakthrough.

A Breakthrough in your thoughts, physical patterns and habits can take you to the next level of who you came here to be.


Soul Change offers empowerment classes, courses, programs, workshops and retreats. Soul Change helps people to change their lives for the better with yoga, meditation, and energy healing. The programs we offer are designed to empower and transform.


Nicole Aracki: Founder,  Change Maker and Visionary 

Nicole is an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200), a Reiki Master, and an Ultrarunner.

She is very good at connecting with people on the deepest level, and is known for her open and generous heart. Nicole makes people feel loved, respected and always welcome.

In her words: Nothing makes me feel happier than knowing that I helped someone to see themselves in a new light.

I thrive on helping people – whether that’s in a yoga class, or through a kind gesture such as a smile, holding the door for someone, or giving a compliment. I just love to make people smile!

When I teach yoga, I often ask “What do you need?” when we move into a resting pose – ie: Child’s Pose or Downward Dog. I give you this option because it is only when you ask your own self these questions will you feel more inclined to answer them. (And those answers will be much more profound for you). Please help us by giving us your input!

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Dino Aracki: Manager, Health Advocate

My quest to continually become a better version of myself is an ongoing journey, and requires daily practice. Whether via scholastic studies, scientific exploration, physical well-being, or spiritual discovery, pushing past those comfort zones can be difficult; breaking through is the most rewarding. These experiences have led to many changes and transformations, helping to meet my needs of the soul, and then allowing me to pass on the gift by adding value to the lives of others.

Aside from working full time, I am also studying for my MBA, continually training for the next ultramarathon, practicing Yoga and meditation, and spending time with my family. As each new day is an improvement by building on lessons of the last, I have come to realize that I am on a continuous journey of soul change.


Loraine Couturier: Skilled Producer and Content Manager

Loraine is a digital nomad who travels the world with her laptop. She has worked across many industries – from luxury hospitality to high-end financial trading companies, and many places in between.

She is now a freelance writer who specializes in Yoga, Meditation and the Spiritual Healing Journey.

She is currently living and thriving in Thailand.


Nicole Aracki owned Atman Yoga for 5 years. Soul Change is an evolution of the love child that was Atman Yoga. Nicole often describes Atman Yoga as being “about her”, and Soul Change was born to reflect her own personal journey morphing into a student and servant to others.