The Soul Change Spiritual Development Program offers unique yoga & meditation series, reiki sessions & training, global retreats and yoga teacher training to individuals of a wide variety of experience levels.

Our beautifully created offerings are designed to heal, inspire & challenge individuals, whilst creating genuine connections and communities which, in turn, encourage a positive lasting soul change.

Soul Change is based in Kamloops BC, and generously supported by Yoga Loft Kamloops and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.

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Meet Nicole

Reiki Master, Yoga teacher trainer & founder of Soul Change

"My love of yoga was simply about teaching classes for a long time, but I began to experience growing pains because I watched new teachers who didn't know how to "read a room" in terms of watching for students' comfort & safety in the class. I saw that there was a deep need in the yoga community for a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) trainer that could produce well-rounded teachers. Once I began mentoring in small touches to people I met along the way, I began to see that I have a gift for passing on my knowledge to other teachers and practitioners of all kinds.

I have been practising Reiki since 1998, and a Reiki Master since June 2017. Incorporating my experience and knowledge of the healing art of Reiki into Soul Change naturally enriches the community I am devoted to creating; many of the series, yoga teacher trainings & retreats hold an element of healing - in various forms - which ultimately help the guests get so much more out of their experience. 

I believe that before you can grow, you first must heal; embracing this is what makes Soul Change truly unique."

Nicole xo


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