Retreat in Thailand

Top Reasons a Retreat in Thailand is So Good for the Soul

If you’re looking to take a soul vacation, a yoga retreat in Thailand could be just what you need. Not only do you dive into the practice of yoga and spirituality, you also get to take in this fantastic Buddhist culture. The birds, the tropical scents, and simply being by the sea all promote inner peace. This makes whatever you learn in an immersive retreat all the more powerful. You really get the chance to just let go and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Retreat in Thailand – A Safe Place Far From Home

When you come to a yoga retreat in Thailand, you have a safe place to be with others. Traveling alone can be scary and although Thailand is safe, there can be a language barrier. You don’t know your way around and you don’t know where to find your tribe. Going to a resort setting where you spend time with others is just a generally safer way of traveling. You get the opportunity to see things through locals eyes. The trip is generally much easier as you get used to the country, culture, and traditions.

Beautiful Environment

When a yoga retreat is planned, there is a lot of thought put into the surroundings you’ll experience. We know how important this is. Finding a place that inspires growth and nurtures your soul. What you eat, where you sleep, and where you do your practice is all essential to your feeling of well-being. In Thailand, the spaces are open aired where you’ll either be in a jungle garden setting or looking out to the sea. You’ll hear the tropical birds as you transition into yoga poses or sit in meditation. The warm breeze will caress your face and you may even hear ocean waves depending on what the tide is doing. This whole setting is sure to bring you a sense of bliss and inner peace as you dive deep into yourself.

Healthy Food

The eight limbs of yoga includes the kind of food you eat. It’s important to feed your body nutrient rich food that’s light and easy to digest. Without much effort and a side benefit, you’ll likely find that you shed a few pounds during the retreat. The food is pure and is vegetarian or vegan. There is also healthy infused water and tea available at all times. These yoga retreat settings don’t just feed you carrot sticks. They are meals that are indulgent so you won’t feel like you’re starving. You can expect a buffet of delicious foods three times daily. You’ll effortlessly detox your body. This all helps with reducing inflammation, stress, and other physical ailments you might suffer from right now.

Learning More about Yoga

You might already know a lot about yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices we are providing. When you immerse daily in these things, you really begin to see the difference in your practice and in yourself. At a yoga retreat like the Ascending Goddess Retreat in Thailand, you’ll do long, intensive sessions. Whether it’s yoga, chanting, meditation, or energetic healing, you’ll have the time to really dive into practice. This can bring new ideas and revelations into your life. We will be building on practices daily so you’ll see vast improvements by the end of it. The changes you’ll experiences will be physical, emotional, mental, and much deeper. You’ll also have more time to really connect with the teachers and practitioners, asking questions you might have.


Most of you will have a hectic life and the thought of taking a vacation just for you might seem ludicrous. When you are willing to nurture yourself, you have more to give to the ones you love back home. A yoga retreat in Thailand will guarantee rejuvenation and a new way of thinking. When you go back home, you won’t feel as agitated by other’s demands of ways of being. A Mexican holiday, which is a common Canadian vacation usually entails a lot of lounging around drinking and eating. You go home feeling lethargic and a bit bummed out. Some might call it booze blues.

When you choose to do something better for your body, you also tend to your soul which is ultimately where you bliss will derive from. Everything you do at a yoga retreat promotes a sense of physical and emotional well-being. You may be blocking yourself from having the kind of life you want. Retreats like this can get rid of those blocks so you can go home with a clear vision of what your life should be like. The Ascending Goddess Retreat is also going to give you tools to take home with you.

You Meet Like-Minded People

If you’ve ever wanted to come to Thailand but you didn’t have a travel partner, a yoga retreat means you don’t need one. Once you get to Thailand, you’ll have a group of like-minded people you’ll join. With our retreat, you’ll learn to trust one another and likely form life-long bonds. It’s rare we get the opportunity to really know people outside of our circle. With a retreat like this, you will. You’ll be open-hearted and compassionate to each other’s struggles and as time goes on, you’ll trust them more and more. In an immersive environment, this won’t take long. Making new friends at a yoga retreat is a major benefit to the process.

A yoga retreat abroad is a great excuse to see a place you’ve longed to go to before. Thailand isn’t the usual trip you’d expect to take in a lifetime but it is well worth the flight. The culture here is beautiful. Spirituality isn’t a trend here, it’s a way of life. That can be seen in the small child playing and the adults living life for the moment, in the Buddhist tradition. Everything here is a little different but in many ways, your joy will be amplified with what Thailand has to offer. Not only will you come to this incredible country but you’ll also be immersing in a beautiful retreat that is sure to transform you in a few different ways. Take the plunge, it might feel courageous but when we step out of comfort zone, there are always incredible rewards making it worth while.

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