Yoga: Tools for a Peaceful Mind

Join Loraine Couturier for this insightful workshop. You can expect to learn tools you can use every day to reduce anxiety as it comes, and prevent it from occurring on a daily basis.

You will learn:
– How to turn anxiety into calm thinking
– Promote inner peace through conscious daily practice
– Quick remedies to help you when life suddenly gets overwhelming

Loraine is a yoga teacher with a discipline in Kundalini yoga, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner. She has a great deal of personal experience, as well as a massive amount of articles she has written on the effects of stress and anxiety.

Saturday March 23rd
1:30 – 4pm
$60 + gst

Location: Soul Change Studio
Suite 2A, 1445 McGill Rd

To Register, please call/text: (250) 255-5512

Loraine Couturier!

About me: Firstly, I am Nicole’s sister. I have met many of the wonderful, spiritual-connected people in the community of Kamloops through her. I just wanted to tell you a little about my own journey and why I am able to teach you about inner peace. I have been writing for established yoga teacher training schools in India, Bali, and Canada for 2 years. These professional articles have covered a span of yoga topics and how the practice benefits us.

I’ve written hundreds of articles that were published online about our state of mind and how yoga benefits us. How it helps us manage:


Self-esteem issues

Body image issues



Clinical mood disorders. I know from scientific reports like the Harvard Medical Journal that yoga can break through these issues and I know why they can as well. I’ll throw in interesting facts about what certain poses are affecting in the mind/body and why. The poses and breathing practices I am using for this workshop are all going to help break through layers. It is the layers that are hiding your truth, your inner peace. It’s always in you, you just might not see or feel it right now.

In my Yoga for Inner Peace workshop, we will utilize Hatha, Kundalini, breathing, and meditation. These are tools that do a few things which includes:

Calming the Fight-or-Flight response. This is the part of the body that responds when you feel anxious.

Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (to lower cortisol level, blood pressure, and your heart rate.)

The more anxiety and stress you have in your life, the more the body responds, creating even more messages to your brain. The body sends messages that will have your body on constant alert. These aspects are what is getting in the way of your own inner peace. When you can use poses that target the symptoms of a mind and body that has dealt with too much stress, you can begin to feel the change.

Some exercises can help you with the onset of anxiety and stress. Others are a preventative that I suggest you try to do daily. Breathing is a powerful way to relax you right away. We will explore a few different methods.

Once we have fully relaxed the central nervous system, we will go into a mindfulness meditation. My hope is that you’ll get the full experience of releasing anxiety. Then feeling really in your body and at peace in it.  

Things to bring:

Your own personal mala beads (for meditation)

An eye pillow

Your journal

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