The Indulgence Retreat

A Luxury Retreat in the Heart of Sun Peaks

Join Nicole Aracki for this All-Inclusive Retreat, which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals & snacks
  • Privato wine specially paired with 5 course meal
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages will be available as well

This retreat will give you everything you’ve ever wanted in a Weekend Away …

  • Enjoy Luxurious Chocolate from Switzerland in a Unique Meditation
  • Daily Yoga & Movement To help you bring your body into alignment
  • Stay in a Luxury Townhome near the Delightful Sun Peaks Village
  • Delight in a beautiful array of nutritious vegan/vegetarian food that gives nourishment AND pleasure
  • Recognize dormant aspects of yourself that will help you Empower & Heal Yourself
  • Indulge in time alone in order to hear your inner truths
  • Explore your relationship to food through an interactive cooking experience
  • Learn how to cook a gourmet 5 course meal that is Vegetarian (with Vegan & Gluten free options)
  • TONS of extras!!!

Free Gifts valued at OVER $250.00 when you sign up!

– Indulgence Gift Bag (value $150)

– 3 guided meditations, including my #1 most-requested technique (value $50)

– 1 extra night’s stay FREE (Thurs, May 23) (value $150

-Cookbook with all the recipes from our 5 course meal $priceless$!

Do you know what it feels like to have your Body, Mind & Soul in alignment?

When was the last time you truly checked in with yourself to ask “Am I Happy?”. The truth is that you are the most important person in your life. If you were to leave your body today, everyone around you would be forced to move on. So the question is “Am I Happy?”

When your Body, Mind and Soul are in alignment, you will find that everything feels easier – you are more in the FLOW of your life, rather than being tossed around in the rapids.

Do you have a hard time slowing down?

How often do you stop during your day to take a single, deep breath? Standing still in the moment of this one breath, you bring yourself into the present moment. Retreating brings this deeply valued practice to the forefront of each day.

Are you in need of healing?

This is a tricky question to answer, because many people answer it too quickly. The truth is that we are all works in progress, and that we all need someone to take care of us from time to time.

And everyone’s definition of healing is different. Find out what your ideal picture of health and wellness looks like & begin to manifest your future (healthy) self.

Do you believe that you have the capacity to live a life of Joy & Peace?

You are certainly entitled to live a life of Joy & Peace – it’s the “getting there” that sometimes doesn’t come easily to us.

As women, our needs change often … at any given time we can be in need of healing, time alone, nourishing food, movement or fresh air. Sometimes we need to get silly and have some good laughs together. Other times we feel inclined to take action.

This retreat has been designed to satisfy whatever it is that you feel you need for yourself. We will hold nothing back from you.

May 24 – 26th

$575 + gst

Are you ready for the Indulgence Retreat?

Indulgence Retreat $603.75

If you need more information, please email us at:

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