How To Clear Space & Get Rid of Bad Vibes

Have you ever walked into a room only to feel uncomfortable for seemingly no reason?

Or have you ever picked up on a nasty vibe from someone?

Perhaps there is someone in your life who makes you feel bad anytime you’re near them?

These are all signs of BAD VIBES!

You don’t need to have a special certificate to learn how to clear your space of bad energy (bad vibes). You CAN clear your own home, office, car, and more with these simple techniques:

1. Burn incense, sage or sweetgrass

These 3 tools all have an ability to clear negative energy. To use, state your intention before you begin. “I want to clear out this bad energy”. Then light the incense, sage (smudge) or sweetgrass, and blow out the flame so that it is now smoking. Then, with the intention in your mind, walk around the space clockwise with it smoking in your hand. Go once around the room, pausing at windows and moving the smoking bundle side to side, like windshield wipers. For doors, start from the bottom left, moving the bundle up the inside of the frame, across the top, and down the right side.

2. Place little bowls of salt in the corners of a room

Salt is well-known as a purifier, and has so many uses, but the superpower about salt is that it absorbs negative energy. With your intention in your mind, place small bowls of salt (a few tablespoons should do it) in the corners of the space you wish to purify. Or, you could even sprinkle salt outside your front door. You can change out the salt every few weeks. If you feel you have negative energy yourself, it can benefit you to take epsom salt baths (or try floating …)

3. Use a broom to physically “sweep” the energy out of the space

Using a broom to sweep out negative or stale energy is an ancient and time-honoured witches’ trick. Again, with your intention clear in your mind, use any broom to sweep out physical dirt, but also energy.

4. Create energetic boundaries through visualizing a single rose about 2-3 feet in front of your feet.

Let’s face it, we sometimes allow people to step over our personal boundaries in order to make things “easier”. The truth is that if you continue to allow this type of behaviour from others, you will almost certainly find yourself feeling frustrated and angry. You can visualize a red rose about 2-3 feet in front of your feet. The intention here is to protect your aura / your energy from intrusions. Cisualize this rose every morning. But for maximum benefit, you may need to start saying No to others more often, or stop allowing people to overstep in whatever way you need to. These conversations can be gentle & loving.

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