Yoga Teacher Training Benefits Even if You Never Plan to Teach

You may not see the yoga teacher training benefits in Kamloops or elsewhere if you don’t plan to teach. What you may not realize is the education you gain from taking your YTT will greatly benefit you. You get to spend time with a bunch of like-minded people. You learn where yoga came from and how to hold poses properly. The depth in which yoga has can’t be taught in an hour long yoga class.

Check out the benefits you’re going to get when you take yoga teacher training that go far beyond becoming a teacher. Of course, you’ll get your RYT200 certification which can help you with other aspects of your spiritual journey.

You Become Part of a Community

Do you feel lonely sometimes? Even if you have friends, a partner, and a family, you may not be experiencing a deep connection to others. One of the beautiful things about yoga teacher training in Kamloops with me is that you’ll be entering into a community. Testimonials that I have received from other types of retreats I’ve done have stated that they loved the bonds that were made. Many of these people have maintained friendships after the event is complete.

Whether it’s a weekend reiki retreat or my yoga teacher training, meeting new people that resonate with you is a great feeling. You meet people that become soul sisters or friends you stay in touch with. As you all take the journey into learning about yoga, you become close.

You have the opportunity to be vulnerable with one another. We have to share in order to grow. This sharing creates a closeness that allows for meaningful conversations and friendships to flourish.

Yoga Teacher Training Benefits for the Mind

Learning the Language of Yoga

The ancient language of yoga, sanskrit, is beautiful and complex. As you immerse yourself in yoga, you’ll be also learning about the Yoga Sutras. This helps you manage the monkey mind and learning the philosophy helps you to become disciplined.

You will find that you can focus more on whatever yoga pose you’re in or meditate more clearly just through knowing the teachings. You become aware of things you were not conscious of before. You can begin shifting any negative thoughts to more positive ones, learning to live with an open heart. This is what the ancient texts teach us.

The Immersion Allows You to Find that Inner Peace Within

Perhaps inner peace has eluded you up to this point. When you immerse yourself in yoga teacher training, you really relax all the systems in your body. In my Kamloops yoga teacher training, you will do hours of yoga per day. I do four day immersions so that’s a lot of yoga to do. It allows you to let go of anger, sadness, fear, and whatever else you’ve been holding onto.

The brain becomes rewired because you’re in an immersion. You are doing more spiritual work than you’ve probably ever done before. This is how you beat out the ego mind and find the quiet. It’s up to you to keep it afterwards but once you’ve experienced the feeling, it’s less likely you’ll want to go back to how you felt before. Those who have experienced a lot anger in their past have gotten a lot out of the yoga teacher training.

Yoga has a strong message of loving and respecting yourself and others around you. That is ultimately our greatest truth. Within the structure of YTT, you will be reminded of how to fight against your own fears. How to accept your own thoughts that result in your feelings and your actions. If you are to teach your students to feel good and relaxed in your yoga class, you must first believe in the lifestyle yourself. As a yoga teacher, this is a responsibility and even if you don’t want to teach, it is an important part of the training.

Body Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Part of the yoga teacher training benefits is that you will developing your physical body. You practice yoga daily while going through modules but you’ll also be expected to practice a few times weekly. This helps you stretch more deeply and remain in poses for longer. You become much stronger and more flexible in a surprisingly quick amount of time. Balancing poses become more fluid and you can easily find your core strength.

When doing yoga often, you strengthen and support the body so you’re less likely to have injuries. Part of the yoga teacher training benefits will include giving you the tools to avoid injuries on yourself (and your students). Even with challenging poses, you’ll learn how to check in with yourself so you don’t get hurt. You’re going to be taught all about the physical body in great detail. The functional anatomy portion of yoga teacher training teaches you all about your body.

You learn about alignment and how the postures benefit you physically, emotionally, and mentally. By the end of the anatomy portion, you’ll have a far deeper knowledge of how yoga poses affect your body. You get to know a lot about variations and modifications which help people get into poses that would otherwise be too risky.

There are many people who have said they found themselves while doing yoga teacher training. Your practice will grow and you will also grow as a person. You become stronger physically and more emotionally grounded. You learn to release the power the ego has on you. You meet people you resonate with and feel a sense of new opportunity occurring within your whole life. Maybe you’ll teach and maybe you won’t but there’s one thing for sure, you will experience many benefits to the teacher training.

It’s not too late to join my second yoga teacher training module on October 10-14. This module is Hatha and Vinyasa Intensive.

Don’t worry if you missed my first module. You can take it next year to get your yoga teacher training certification.

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