Step Into Your Power – Yoga Teacher Training

There are many people looking for happiness, and trying to fill the void with things that can never satisfy. So many of us feel powerless in our lives. Step Into Your Power – by Taking a Yoga Teacher Training.


Learning to truly connect with who you are and why you’re here are the first steps toward a path of happiness.


What’s In It For Me?


Dramatically let go of limiting beliefs.

Learn how to step into your power.

Transform yourself.

Is This Training for You?

These are just a few ways that this Yoga Teacher Training will change your life. You will see yourself differently when you take this training because you will learn things about yourself that you never noticed before.


You will become the Hero of your own life.


Prince Arjuna & Sri Krishna on the battlefield (which represents life …)

If you find that you’re hearing negative or unproductive thoughts in your mind quite often, then this training is for you.


If you’re looking for a catalyst to completely change your entire world, then this training is for you.


If you’re looking for true happiness that radiates within, then this training is for you.


Yoga For Your Life

The benefits of this particular training is that we practice Yoga For Your Life. There are no unrealistic expectations of practicing yoga for 2 hours at home. We do not expect you to be an expert in meditation when you arrive. This is a gentle Hatha yoga program, and our intention is to set you up to continue practicing yoga for the rest of your life.


Are You Ready?

Talk to me. Payment plans are available. Let’s do this!

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Nicole Aracki, Lead Trainer E-RYT200 + Reiki Master

Call/text: 250 255-5512


The light within me sees the light within you.

Namaste, Nicole

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