Yoga Teacher Training in Kamloops – Life Transforming Results

Yoga teacher training in Kamloops or wherever you are offers many benefits. Even if you’re not sure if you want to teach, you can gain a lot of value from taking the training. Immersing yourself into the practice of yoga and learning about the deeper aspects of it has helped many people in their own lives.

Whatever your life journey is, you can get a lot from taking your yoga teacher training. Sure, you can begin a new career path with it or you can help yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally with the knowledge you gain. You’ll get better at yoga as you begin to understand more about alignment and the philosophy behind it. It will change how you see yourself and how you manage your life.

What is your why for doing something like yoga teacher training? Is it just to become a teacher or are you passionate about truth, compassion, and the spirit of living?

Here are some accounts of what people have said after they’ve completed yoga teacher training.

1. Yoga Teacher Training Helps You Focus Outside of Yourself

When you take your yoga teacher training in Kamloops or abroad, you will learn to look at the outside world. There are eight limbs of yoga and one of them states the importance of helping others. Being of service to other people and offering compassion is an important part of yoga. You will learn about this during your training and it will help you become more aware of things outside of yourself.

It’s rewarding when you help others and feel that genuine compassion. If you want to be a yoga teacher, it’s likely there’s a part of you that wants to help people. You are passionate about their journey and the growth they’ll experience learning from you. Making a difference in someone’s life means a lot. Through the teachings, you start thinking in a new way about how you can be of service others. You will begin to notice people that need a helping hand. You’re not looking to change anyone, you accept other people’s paths. This is especially important in your own personal relationships. You’ll have a lot less resistance to life and much less mental conflict. You start to let things go and stop trying to control life and the people in it. When you learn to let go internally and look outside of yourself, you have a greater sense of inner knowing and peace.

2. You Have a Greater Connection to Others

You will learn to notice others and you’ll also begin to feel a great connection. Yoga teacher training gives you the tools to connect spiritually to yourself and to others. The universal energy is more accessible when you’re open to it and it’s an important aspect to the practice of yoga. This takes away a lot of anxiety out of your life (in case you were wondering why yoga teachers are so blissful). You don’t feel separated from others. You see people as your soul family so you’re more willing to smile and make eye contact.

That social anxiety just goes away. You begin to listen to people more intently, putting your phone away or stopping what you’re doing when someone wants to talk to you. This is where you hone deep and meaningful bonds with people whether it’s students, your family, or your friends. You’ll notice that people react differently to you too. Many people who have done the training have said they felt a much greater connection to source and to all living beings.

3. You Become Part of a Community that Cares

All the people in your yoga teacher training course will be like-minded. This creates a solid foundation to make some great friendships. As you immerse yourself into the training, you’ll be able to work together and help each other out. There is also a lot of emotional support that you can give and get from one another.

Doing yoga consistently can cause energy to become unblocked. Tears may fall and realizations may occur. That vulnerability is in good hands because you all learn to hold space for each other. The openness of your feelings will create deep bonds that will last a lifetime. You end up with a second family that you can always talk to whether they’re near or far.

4. Peace Within Yourself

Yoga is so much more than you might realize at the moment. Sure, you feel relaxed after a class but do you know why? Do you know you can go even deeper and experience total peace within? The mind can just keep quiet and you can be in your own body. This is what yoga was designed to create in us. As you go deeper into the practice through yoga teacher training, you will let go of pain, fear, and anger. Your heart will begin to open up and you’ll experience less fear.

Even when life gets challenging, you can see it all with an open heart and a lot of love. This allows you to make better choices or to just watch life unfold the way that it does without resistance. People who have taken the training said they noticed a reduction of their ruminating thoughts and were more in control of their emotions. Yoga harnesses love as it is the greatest truth. This message will become ingrained in you through the yoga teachings you learn in the training.

5. You’ll Learn the Art of Letting Go

There was no lesson in school about learning to let go. Your parents may have mentioned it when you were having a tantrum but likely they never explained what it is to “let go”. So where do you learn how to let go? Well yoga is definitely a large promoter of this art. In your yoga teacher training, you’ll begin to unravel what it really means to let go.

You get the tools to free yourself from things that don’t serve you. You learn to walk away from material objects that you don’t really need. You stop putting attention into how people see you. You don’t require the recognition or acceptance you may have needed before. You find your own inner best friend and don’t need external sources to bring you happiness. This is a beautiful gift that yoga can offer you.

Many yoga teachers said that their training liberated them from negative thinking. They became more aware of others and more compassionate towards themselves and the outside world. The gifts you seek in life are all there waiting for you to take what you need and want. Maybe you want to teach, maybe you don’t. There are many people who have said that they transformed into the kind of person they could really love. That’s powerful.

If you have been feeling like you’re ready for radical transformation, it may be time for you to take action. Yoga teacher training in Kamloops with Nicole Aracki will be starting this September. A perfect time to improve your life as we head into the darker Autumn days. By 2019, you’ll be a yoga teacher and you will have learned a lot that will improve your way of being.





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