What is Your Why? (Yoga Teacher Training)

Lots of people dismiss the idea of taking a yoga teacher training immediately after seeing it. The important thing to consider if you are strongly drawn to taking the training is “What Is Your Why?”

There can be many different thoughts that will run through your mind, madly trying to convince you that the training isn’t right:

  • “I don’t have enough experience practicing yoga”

  • “I could never to teach yoga to others”

  • “I’m not qualified to take the training”

  • …. Insert your excuse here ….

Sure, these are valid concerns, but there are also plenty of reason why you SHOULD take a yoga teacher training.

If you know you want to do yoga teacher training and you have the time, resources and space in your life to do it – then THE TIME IS NOW! Click HERE if you know you want to take the training ….

10 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training

1. Learn more about Yoga.

Learn techniques, practices and philosophies that can help you live your best life. This is about finding the tools in your life that can bring true fulfillment.

2. Learn more about yourself, period.

Explore your own spirituality, belief systems and faith through compelling discussions, deep practices and the joy of movement.

3. Learn More About Yoga Poses.

Deepen your understanding of yoga asanas, learning the why, what and how of the poses. AND, by practicing yoga regularly, create a healthy body, mind and soul for the rest of your life.

4. Build Confidence.

Learn to speak in front of others with poise and confidence. Be a leader in any room you walk into.

5. Help Others.

Have a certification that serves as a beautiful vessel for all the experiences you have earned in your life. Teaching yoga is a beautiful way to share these experiences and hard-earned wisdom in a way that is accessible to so many.

6. Begin a New Career (at any age, at any stage)

Becoming a yoga teacher offers a new lifestyle where you have the choice to teach on the side, or to leave the rat race behind, and to start a career in Health & Wellness. (are you done working for “the Man”?)

7. Discover Your Soul Family.

Connect with others in a deep and meaningful way – the peers alongside you in your yoga teacher training will be part of your Soul Family for life.

8. Catalyst for Personal Growth.

You are ready to make changes in your life. Yoga Teacher Training is a perfect catalyst for creating a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

9. Avoid Injury.

By learning how to practice yoga poses correctly, and by being given the space to truly listen to your body in any pose, you can avoid injury in your regular yoga classes. *Also, in this gentle & restorative yoga training, we will discuss how to work through injuries by using yoga to enhance your healing.

10. Teach Yoga.

Use this gift for Good by offering to teach at fundraisers, or teaching to people in need – such as transition houses, prisons or even by giving back to teachers, emergency crews or friends.

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