Spirituality for Householders

If you live in the real world, and not in a dark and peaceful cave on the outskirts of society, you may feel that you will not have much opportunity to be a calm and spiritual person all of the time. It is important to develop Spirituality for Householders.

It is such a common concern for aspiring yogis to feel that they cannot be calm in their environment, and it is definitely a difficult path.  Balancing our lives may seem difficult when we look at our lives from a narrow view. Placing beliefs in what you cannot do reinforces them, and stunts your growth in the process.

What if I told you that you could work towards being in harmony with the busy world around you? When we understand that all distraction comes from nothing, and all sounds come from silence, we can also begin to recognize the opportunity for meditation in the moment.

This, of course, takes practice and is where most people fail. When you are trying to develop a spiritual routine, it is incredibly important to bring in structure and consistency. Meditate or do yoga at the same time each day, or each week. Adopt a routine for yourself, which could even just be for the current season.

My personal routine is different in Spring than it is in the Winter. Now that we are into the Summer months, I will practice meditating in my backyard as the sun rises. Where in the Winter I prefer the darkness of early morning, with one candle lit, and a silent reverie for my internal world.

When you can look at your existence as a whole, and are able to practice meditation, yoga, and reflection every day, you can be fully prepared to deal with your life.

Being a Householder

The realities of being a householder are that we have situations in our lives that will challenge us on a regular basis. If you were sitting in a cave all day, your challenges would be fewer and less frequent. On some level, you chose this busier way of life because you have things you need to learn from external sources (other people!).

It is no coincidence that you ended up in your situation, with the people who surround you now.

There are no accidents in your life, and the challenges you face were designed to help you understand some deeper spiritual message. Life is not a game where you must win.  Life is a puzzle, meant to be contemplated, and cannot be solved without picking up a piece of it and trying to fit it in to place. You will not attain a solution to the mysteries of life simply by looking at this puzzle from the other side of the room.

You must engage in life, you must engage in your problems, your chaos and your mistakes in order to truly live.

This is what being a householder is all about. Developing a routine that helps you to cope and manage this reality.

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