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Set Your Summer Intentions

It is important to set your summer intentions before the season arrives!

There is a shift taking place as we move into full-fledged Spring. This means gardening, allergies, driving with the windows down, and glorious sunsets.

We also a switch from gym workouts and book clubs to hiking and iced coffees. We take time at lunch to get outside for a few minutes.

But before Summer arrives, why not Take a Moment to set your summer intentions? Because you know that Summer goes by way too fast!

Keep reading to learn how to manifest the perfect summer …


Decide How You Want to Feel


The most important step to setting intentions of any kind is to decide how you want to feel. What kinds of emotions would you like to experience? Try saying a few of these out loud:

“This summer I want to feel happy and free”

“This summer I want to feel and be in the present moment”

“I want to experience wonder and awe in beautiful places”

“I want to feel togetherness and love with my family”


Get Into the Right Mindset


Mindset is everything for us humans. When we don’t know what we want, and don’t take the time to set intentions, our Ego brain gets a little nutty. If you’ve ever ended up feeling dissatisfied with a perfect summer day, this is your Ego at work.

I can teach you how to get into the right mindset with a few simple steps:

#1: Set intentions – When you decide what you want a situation to look like, your brain will automatically seek out everything that is in line with those intentions. It is as easy as saying “Today I want to feel good, and to enjoy each moment as it is”.


#2: Let go of expectations – this means that you have faith in the intentions you set for yourself. You become willing to allow the Universe to unfold your desires in the best way possible for you at this moment.


#3: Get out of your head, and into your heart. As you move through your day, focus on the things that make you feel good in your heart. The moment you start to feel negativity, put all your awareness into your heart.



Schedule Some Plans

It is all good to set intentions and get into the right mindset, but in order to actually manifest your desires, you have to schedule some plans!

Decide now where you would like to go and what you’d like to do this summer. And then make the plans to get it done. Whether that’s booking time off work, setting a few dollars aside, or making a reservation at a campsite, do it early!

Don’t hesitate on this important step, because the Universe responds to intention PLUS action!


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Good luck planning out your perfect Summer! See you in the Sunshine …

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