How to Set Boundaries for Empaths & Psychics

Do you have someone in your life who is a Medium, Empath, or Psychic?

While having Empaths & Psychics in your life can be a blessing, there can be times when you don’t want these gifted people to “read” you. Sometimes it might feel like they are giving you unwarranted information. What seems like advice to you is actually a message they are receiving. Regardless, it might feel as though they are going past boundaries and they may even hit a nerve or trigger a memory you’re not willing to deal with at the moment. If you are getting freaked out by having your mind read constantly, this article is for you.

Understanding Empaths & Psychics

There are ways that you can draw energetic boundaries for these energy sensitive people, without being absurd or dramatic. Many Empaths & Psychics aren’t even aware that they are constantly reading peoples’ energy, taking on your emotions and channeling without knowing it. Sometimes an empath is mistaken for an emotionally sensitive person.

So, even if you ask this person face to face to refrain from doing these things, they may not be able to stop themselves. It could be upsetting to them that you feel that they are being invasive. Again, remember that Empaths & Psychics may not be aware of the power they have quite yet. My friend would call me randomly when we hadn’t talked for awhile. She knew I was having a problem in my life. She said that she experienced these strong feelings for three specific people in her life and I was one of them.

She ended up working with psychics to learn to see things more clearly while better understanding her own power. Previously, she couldn’t understand why she would wake up in the middle of the night with a fear that something wasn’t right with me.

How to Put Up a Psychic Defense

Asking an empath to stop reading you would be like asking someone to stop seeing with their eyes. Especially if this person is quite well developed in these extra senses, to refrain can be quite impossible. Putting up a psychic shield protects your own personal boundaries without a conflict. You don’t make the person feel bad and quite honestly, you give them a break from reading you. It’s not easy to manage the energy they feel sometimes.

A psychic shield is an energy that stands outside of your body. Obviously, an invisible energy field. It protects your physical body and your mind. A helpful way to perform these objectives is to obtain your Reiki Level 1. This entry level energy working course allows you to heal yourself and understand your own energy.

These are the steps:

  • Name what you want out of the situation. Why do you want to have the shield around you. Example “I want to shield myself from having my mind read because it feels invasive”
  • Clear your mind and focus yourself to prepare drawing up energy. This is something of a meditation so just try to calm yourself.
  • Once you’ve become centered, focus on the area below your stomach (around the sacral chakra area). If you want to super charge this experience, it’s helpful to have sacral chakra healing stones while performing these intentions.
  • See if you can imagine drawing energy from your belly – you can even imagine an orange ball of fire
  • Say your intention again, and keep this in your mind as you create your shield
  • Focus on feeling the fiery energy. See it forming a shield or bubble of safety around your body.
  • You then want to shell this energy which means you’ll visualize that it becomes hard and impossible to penetrate through.
  • You can visualize anything that helps you feel safe, such as a brick wall or a thick metal door in front of you

There may come a point where you wish to lower the shield around you. To do this, you want to create the intention and as you meditate, see the shield disappearing.

You Should Know:

  1. The Empath, Psychic or Medium may feel that you are doing something differently, and they might feel curious about why they can’t read you anymore. You may need to tell them that you are learning to shield yourself from energies.
  2. Your energy shielding might not work right away – the key is to practice visualizing a shield or bubble around yourself each day. Trust us, it gets easier with practice!
  3. If you are having a lot of trouble with invasive  or unwanted energies, such as ghosts, spirits and other entities, you need to get assistance from a lightworker, Reiki master or energy worker.

Lastly: If you ARE an Empath, and want to shield yourself from the constant onslaught of thoughts, emotions and other energies, you can use this same technique to gain control.

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