Life Coaches & Masterminds are the New Salesperson

I know, I know. It’s a bold statement to say – “How Life Coaches & Masterminds are the New Salesperson”


I recognize that as a yoga teacher and changemaker that what I offer can be transformational for people. I also realize that it took a great deal of time, hard-won experience and many mistakes to be given the honour of sharing it with others.


 Life Coaches, Masterminds and Speakers – Oh My!


These days, there is a trend to attempt to monetize one’s dharma. There are a ton of motivational speakers, life coaches, “mastermind” groups, and more. They all seem to be asking you to give them money to tell you their secret, such as:


“How I learned What My Purpose Is, and How You Can Too!”


“Discover my 6 secrets to Unlimited Abundance”


“How to Make Money Doing What You Love”


I have to tell you this: These well-meaning people are making money from you to tell you what their purpose is. But they may not be able to help you discover yours.


Discovering Passion is an Inside Job


Discovering your passions in life is an “inside job”. You absolutely must reflect on your own life in order to create any sort of change. Once the dust settles and you have figured out what excites you, makes you happy, makes you feel alive – IF part of that purpose is to share with others how they can come alive, then you can make it your “job”.


But let’s not get confused as to what it truly means to have purpose in life. It is a way of bringing happiness and light into your world.


Remember: Your dharma is anything that is in full alignment with your highest spiritual purpose.


Monetizing Your Dharma – When is it okay?


When you feel that you have something to offer the world that is going to add huge value to peoples’ lives, simply make sure that you are pulling your ideas from real life experience. It is completely unfair to ask people to try things that you yourself have never tried.


Teach people strategies that you have employed, that have truly enhanced your life for the better. Know that if it is for you to teach others, people will be undeniably attracted to what you have to say.


Also, when you have a crazy passion for something, you will have sacrificed time, money and energy in order to engage with it.


You will have researched everything you could find on the subject. You will have absorbed yourself utterly into the topic you wish to teach.


Does Money Equal Happiness?


Consider the possibility too, that perhaps your dharma does not include money at all!


Purpose can be the energy you give to others, the way you move through the world.


It can be a one-time experience that makes you feel complete.


Dharma can simply mean that you have spiritual moral code of conduct that is your guiding light.


Be Content With Not Knowing


With all of society telling you that you CAN make money living your purpose, how do you navigate? How do you know when someone can truly help you to find fulfillment in your life?


The short answer is that you can’t know. You can only figure out what will bring ultimate happiness through trial and error. My best advice is that you go with your heart. Dig in, dive deep and ask yourself what is stopping you from experiencing joy. Ask yourself what areas of your life are not-so-stellar.


There is only one way to get through murky waters – you can either dive in and swim through, or take a boat with someone you trust. When you meet that voice of truth, whether it’s your own, or whether it’s a life coach, mastermind or motivational speaker, I trust that you will find your way to bliss.



Life Coaches are the new salesperson

 I am Nicole Aracki, and I’m the Owner of Soul Change.

I have been practicing Reiki Energy Healing for 20 years. I have been a yogi for 17 years. And I have been exploring my own purpose for my entire life. From Astral Travel to Wicca to Reiki to Yoga to Women’s Circles, Retreats, Spiritual Workshops and much more.

I teach what I have learned. My mission and my purpose in life is to help YOU see how beautiful you really are.

I DO offer public classes, online course, workshops and retreats. Check out my upcoming events!

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