How to Know if your Spiritual Development is on Hyperspeed

How to Know if your Spiritual Development is on Hyperspeed

In the last few years, many people have been talking about a new phenomenon in spiritual development that has been occurring lately. As the Universe around us continually shifts, changes and grows, we humans also grow, shift and change.

Recently, the energy of our lovely planet Earth has been changing at a faster pace than normal. Sometimes growth spurts are like that. Many people have been noticing these shifts and changes in their own bodies. Especially the spiritually inclined among us.

Symptoms of a fast spiritual development can be: Headaches, dizziness, inability to stay focused on the task at hand, body aches, feeling more impatient than usual, crying for no apparent reason, or even swinging emotions.

If these symptoms are a regular occurrence for you, it might be wise to diagnose your chakras in order to see what area of your life you need to work on. If you have been doing a lot of spiritual work lately, it is likely your heart or solar plexus chakra that is out of balance.

These symptoms are due to being unable to process the massive amounts of energy coming at you.

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