How to Cleanse & Clear your Crystals

How to Cleanse & Clear your Crystals

When you first receive a healing crystal, it is important to cleanse and clear its’ energy. This is essential if you want to use the crystal for healing or manifestation. You can either bathe the crystals in the light of a Full Moon, or you can use a ritual to personalize and program your crystal.

How to Clear Your Crystals During the Full Moon

Lay a scarf, towel or altar cloth by a window that will see the light of the Full Moon.

Set an intention in your mind that you want to cleanse the energy of your crystals. You can state this in your mind, or out loud. You can also ask your guardian angels or spirit guides to help cleanse the stones.

Keep your intention in your mind as you lay the healing crystals on the cloth. Leave the stones in place for 24 – 48 hours, during the Full Moon.

You don’t have to worry if it happens to be a cloudy night – you intention and actions are enough to summon the healing powers of the Moon.

Ritual to Cleanse & Clear your Crystals

You will need: a small dish of water, a small dish of sea salt, a candle, and incense (optional).

Light your candle, and incense, if using. Stare at the candle, meditating for several minutes. Focus on your Third Eye Chakra, especially during the pause between your breaths.

When you feel ready, take the crystal in your right hand. Feel its energy first. Imagine that your hand is filled with white light.

Then, still using your right hand, pass the crystal over or through the candle flame. Say silently or aloud: “I cleanse this crystal with healing flame”.

Next, briefly lay the crystal in the dish of salt. Say silently or aloud: “I cleanse this crystal with salt”.

Now place the crystal above the dish of water if it would be damaged with water (such as desert rose, or selenite, which is soluble in water!)

Say silently or aloud: “I cleanse this crystal with Water”.

Finally, pass your crystal through the smoke of the incense, or high above the candle flame. Say silently or aloud: “I cleanse this crystal with Air”.

Set Your Intention:

Place the crystal in your left hand now – this is symbolic of now receiving the crystal into your life.

Say silently or aloud: “My intention with this crystal is to __________________ (draw love into my life/to create abundance/to attract good fortune, etc). This object now becomes an extension of my own energy, and can be used by me, or anyone that I choose”.

Your crystal is now cleansed and charged!

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