6 Amazing Tools to Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Enhance Your Personal Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is different for every person and we all have our own preferences. To feel the power of your practice, you can incorporate certain tools. This can be anything from ceremonial incense sticks to jewelry with healing crystals. Specific music with specific frequencies such as binaural beats  can allow us to tap into our chakra energy centers so we can open and balance them. When the chakras are balanced, we feel a sense of ease throughout our whole body and mind.

Through the two decades I have been walking my spiritual path, I have found many things to help guide my way. Here are my top favorite tools I used to enhance my own spiritual practice.

Spiritual Practice Tool #1-Becoming a Yoga Instructor

A great number of people delve into Yoga Teacher Training not because they wish to teach others, but simply to deepen their own yoga practice. I personally knew right away that I would teach yoga, and doing so has helped me to grow in leaps and bounds. When you become a teacher, you learn to hold yourself to higher standards in your life. The Yamas and Niyamas become daily practice during an immersive yoga teacher training. When you return home these behaviors become second nature – Non-Harming, Truthfulness and Contentment become a way of life because they make perfect sense.

Spiritual Practice Tool #2-Becoming a Reiki Master

I had practiced Reiki for many years as a 2nd Level Reiki Practitioner, and though I had wanted to get my Master’s Attunement, I also wanted it to be the right timing. The 19 years that I practiced Reiki was almost a time of self-induced practicum. I exchanged treatments with many other practitioners during that time – learning about different modalities from Healing Touch to Deep Flow.

When you receive your Reiki Master Attunement, everything changes. You begin to feel a heightened level of energy that cannot be explained in words. You feel love more of the time. You feel unconditional love, which is the greatest gift you can give yourself – and the people around you.

Spiritual Practice Tool #3-Healing Stones and Crystals

I have always been attracted to Rocks and Crystals – really anything that was shiny! When you begin to discover that there are spiritual properties to each type of stone, you can truly begin to harness the energetic vibrations of them. Amethyst is great for keeping near you to ease anxiety and worry. Rose Quartz has a calm, loving, mothering energy to it. Moonstone is an incredibly powerful feminine energy that must be worn with care. Citrine is highly energizing.

When I began to use crystals in my healing work, I was surprised to learn that you can correspond a stone to a particular chakra to promote healing.

Spiritual Practice Tool #4-Divining Through Rune Stones + Oracle Cards

Learning any type of Divining or Foretelling is an excellent skill to have, not because you can predict the future. Divining tools are great for telling you what you need to hear. It is a method which your personal spirit guides can directly deliver messages to you in a non-intimidating way. Using these tools sends a message to the Universe that you are open to receiving spiritual guidance.

Runes were my first introduction to Divining – a set of stones with symbols on them. The symbols themselves were part of an early Germanic alphabet, but they also had magical reference to them. One of the runes is an X, which means Gift. Oracle cards are my favorite way to receive messages, if you have the right deck. The 2 decks I use are:



Spiritual Practice Tool #5-Sound Healing

My first exposure to sound healing work was in a drum circle. There were about a dozen people playing bongo drums, and it sounded “right” to me. The sound of a drumbeat, performed by someone who is skilled in percussion, gives you a deep feeling of being home. This could be because the deep sound of a drumbeat stimulates your Root chakra.

Since that time, I have chanted in Kirtans, repeated mantras over and over (108 Om’s), received sound baths, and had Tibetan singing bowls played over my body. I have attended Crystal Bowl Concerts, and have even just sat alone to play the bowls.

You can easily access the world of sound healing on your own if you can’t find a practitioner. Binaural Beats are created by your brain when two slightly different frequencies are played – it is your brain reconciling the difference between the two sounds. You can use these beats to easily attain desired states of mind – such as deep relaxation or profound concentration.

Sound Healing is a very intense type of healing work, and you should know how to rebalance your chakras when you are finished with the work.

Spiritual Practice Tool #6-Restorative Bodywork

Receiving any type of bodywork is good for your soul. We all have a deep need to be touched in a loving, non-sexual way in order to feel connected to the world around us.

If you have never received a treatment from a trained holistic bodyworker, you may not have received the greatest benefit that you could have. Bodyworkers typically have a more holistic “take” on massage, and they usually practice other modalities that enhance the treatment. For example, you may receive Reiki or she may use crystals in her work.

Deep Flow & Restorative Bodywork was developed by Mylene Bergeron. I was introduced to Deep Flow by a dear friend a few years ago, and was very impressed by the treatments. In 2016 I attended her Restorative Bodywork Certification Course. In Restorative Bodywork, practitioners are trained to look at the body as a whole and to discover imbalances in the spine. However, a huge amount of attention is also placed on the client’s energy, breathing and body language. Practitioners are taught to “read” their clients on all levels – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Both Deep Flow and Restorative Bodywork can help you to Break Through any emotions, trauma or stuck energy that you are holding in your body.

Find Your Calling

This spiritual journey is not always easy, but it would be pretty boring if it were. All you can do is work on yourself to keep growing and adjusting to your new circumstances. Each day is a gift, and sometimes we need to try something new in order to remember that.

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