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Beautiful Amethyst Cluster from the store

What is a SOUL CHANGE?

A Soul Change is a deep and thorough transformation of oneself. It is a change that takes place on a soul level – It is a LASTING transformation. Read More …

Public Yoga Instruction, Classes, Courses, Transformative Workshops & Retreats.

Join Nicole Aracki and special guests for specialized trainings designed to:

  • Relax
  • Release
  • Heal
  • Transform

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Knowledge is Power

Seeking information on Yoga, Energy Work, Meditation, Chakras?

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, and empower yourself with age-old wisdom.

Articles, Free Courses, Videos, and More …

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We all know that you cannot buy a feeling. The items in our store have been specially selected for their unique & sacred nature.

We believe that certain items have vibrational frequencies that have the power to heal, to empower and ultimately to assist you in transformation.

Other items in the store serve as daily reminders for you on your spiritual journey.

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